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October 21, 2022 in Drug Testing, HHC

Does HHC Show up in a Drug Test?

HHC Drug testing will return positive

If you’ve asked yourself “Does HHC show up in a drug test”, the short answer is yes. If you can’t afford to fail a drug test, then you should not partake of any cannabinoid that has any psychoactive effect.  In fact, you should stay away from full-spectrum CBD products as well.  Unfortunately, the only way to play it safe is to avoid all products that have an “HC” in the name of the active ingredient.  Below we will provide valuable information about the new types of cannabis products that are showing up everywhere.

HHC THC – You Will Fail a Drug Test

A quick internet search may turn up information on HHC that suggests it could avoid a positive result on a drug test as it’s not quite like the others.  That it’s not in the “THC family”.  This is true, THC is combined with hydrogen to create HHC and the result is a cannabinoid that is molecularly a bit different than THC.  

If you have read that a “quality” drug test will not confuse HHC for THC.  This might be true–I have not seen any firm evidence for this claim but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Let’s assume it is true. When is the last time that somebody was given a drug test along with a thorough explanation of what type of test is being administered?  And even if you were told the exact name of the test and lab that would be used to process it, would that mean anything to you?  It wouldn’t to me.  If you can’t afford to gamble with the results of a drug test, then HHC should be off the menu.

Delta-10 THC – You Will Fail a Drug Test

You might also hear that Delta-10 THC, being less potent than Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC (for the majority of people, anyway), has a lesser chance of being detected in a tox screen.  But we’re pretty much back to what  I said in the previous paragraph:  do you want to bet your job or your probation (or whatever) on it?  Is that D10  gummy or vape really worth it?

Delta-8, THC-O and THCp – You Will Fail a Drug Test

As for Delta-8 or THC-O or THCp, I don’t think I’ve seen any serious argument made that they will not cause a positive drug test.  They most certainly will. 

Are There Products That Will Help Pass a Drug Test?

I cannot speak to any of a billion products out there that claim to be able to get you past a urine or hair follicle test successfully.  I am skeptical that any of it could be foolproof enough to risk anything of consequence on the outcome.  I know I would not.

Cannabis aficionados often rely on the website Leafly to learn more about the different types of strains both OG and new. Believe it or not HHC has been around since 1944. Leafly provides some additional insight on HHC showing up in a drug test,.

Conclusion: Don’t Risk it.  Most THC Products Will Show on a Drug Test

So, if you found this article by searching for “Does HHC show up in a drug test” or “Will HHC make me fail a drug test?”, the answer is that it’s definitely possible and I wouldn’t risk my job on the outcome of that test. There is unfortunately no cannabinoid that you can take and feel confident about a drug test.  Not yet, anyway.  Labs engaged in research and development DO continue to come up with new and unique cannabinoids on a regular basis.  You can also take some solace in the knowledge that federal cannabis reform has to be on the way sooner than later.  Right?

If you liked this article, make sure to read our Delta 8 FAQs so you can make an educated decision and don’t end up failing a drug test.

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