ERROR: Your Setup Is Incomplete

The setup for the verification process is incomplete.

Users must be logged into an account on this site to view the verification prompt on this page.

Steps to Fix This Issue:
  1. Ensure User Login Requirement: Make sure users are required to log in before they can proceed with verification. This is a necessary step for the Token of Trust plugin to function correctly.
  2. Review Documentation: Refer to the Token of Trust Support Docs for detailed instructions on correct account-based setup.
  3. Contact the site administrator: If the site does not support account login, report this error to them for further assistance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Customize this page to meet your needs. This is done from the wp-admin Pages menu for this title. Here are some things you might might want to leverage on this page:

  • Provide Context – Tell the user why they are there. e.g. In order to checkout you’ll need to get verified.
  • Shortcode: ‘tot-reputation-status’ – recommended and used above. inserts a text description of the users current state. If they are not yet verified adds a link to get verified.
  • Shortcode: ‘tot-wp-embed’ – (use with caution) includes a variety of widgets that allow the user to see their current status. These include buttons that could lead users away from the flow you intend. More information.
  • Auto-launch when not verified: ‘auto-launch-when-not-verified’ – search for this attribute on this pre-defined page and set to “true” to auto-launch. Be careful here – we recommend you do this only if your users are prepared for a popup to get them verified. We not auto-launching and instead setting the stage by telling them what is going to happen and then letting them click a button to get started.